client : vera firm

expertise : ui / ux + squarespace + branding + symbol design

deliverables : website + branding graphic for homepage + custom symbols


Portfolio re-design for the marketing / design group, Vera Firm. Using the term 'Brand Topography', I worked with the Vera Firm owner to create an update to their portfolio and a homepage featuring the start of a new branding identity.

Referencing topographic maps, I created a subtle vector map to display on the background of the website. I also developed an infographic representing the core components of Vera (concept, design, production, media).

The Vera Firm logo and topographic map background

The Vera Firm logo and topographic map background

'Brand Topography' written out in dictionary pronounciation form

'Brand Topography' written out in dictionary pronounciation form


Squarespace website for the Vera Firm portfolio, including topographic background and custom symbols


client : vera firm / melanoma university

expertise : Visual design + logo design

deliverables : logo concepts + website homepage design

Melanoma University is an online community of survivors, friends, family, and caregivers dedicated to 3 core principles : educate, empower, encourage. I worked with the members of Vera Firm to deliver several logo concepts and a potential homepage design, as an initial pitch to Melanoma University.

Referencing the 'University' aspect of the name, I created a shield based emblem with the Melanoma University mantra incorporated.

They decided to wait for further funding before completely developing branding, but they approved and utilized the concepts that we came up with for them.


Logo concepts for Melanoma University

Homepage concept for Melanoma University


client : vera firm

expertise : print design

deliverables : final print-ready file

Vera Firm temporarily turned their studio space into a rental for independents designers, artists, photographers, and dance / yoga teachers. I was asked to create a simple flyer design with the provided copy; the requirements being to use yellow, and provided photos of the space. This was distributed around inner SE and sent to previous collaborators with Vera Firm.

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 4.41.10 PM.png