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client : INTERiors

expertise : ASST. DIRECTION + ASST. EDITING + CHOREOGRAPHY + prop making

deliverables : final edited video + synthesizer prop


Music video for the song "Standing on the Other Side," by the artist Interiors. A surreal scenario focused on the occult, spiritual, and decidedly digital; a digital shaman summoning spirits through the 'machine'. Working with Interiors, a videographer, and dancers from BodyVox, we created a ritualistic scene in an abandoned SE Portland building. The dancers were allowed to improvise, but I provided foundational choreography  to help direct them as 'spirits'. I also took a broken full-size Yamaha synthesizer and filled it with ink, paint, adhered  miscellaneous electronics to it and lights to it, to transform it into a 'summoning instrument' to be played during the ritual.