client : Nick Woolley / robot's can't say i love you

expertise : Illustration

deliverables : 15 ink drawings + vector version

15 illustrations for a collection of surrealist short stories written by Nick Woolley. Titled "Robot's Can't Say I Love You," each story contains a unique defining item. I read each story, and worked with Nick to decide which items would work best. Stylistically, he wanted to reference tattoo flash sheets and simple b&w line drawings. First I researched photos at different perspectives for each object, and then took to drawing each image on tracing paper with a single 0.3mm Micron pen.


client : Books Better than food

expertise : Illustration

deliverables : 1 image to be printed on mug / t-shirts

Single illustration for the book review youtube channel, "Books Better Than Food". Referencing the style of etchings and woodblocks by the artist Hans Holbein, the drawing is based off a pose they already had in mind. Once the image had been created in ink, I turned it into a vector so it could be placed on a coffee mug and t-shirt product for the channel.