client : fibersphere communications

expertise : ui / ux + web design + symbol design + sketch

deliverables : website design + 7 unique symbols

Full website re-design for Oregon fiber-optics company Fibersphere Communications.
I worked with two other contractors (a project manager and photographer) to conceptualize, present, and build out a website design to replace their dated site.

Fibersphere was expanding their fiberoptic network options to apartments and companies like Apple, so they requested an updated site / aesthetic that would represent a younger, more contemporary generation accessing their services. Additionally, one of their advantages over other internet providers is that they were locally based in Oregon, and prided themselves on a simple and personal style of customer service.

Designed in Sketch, we worked through multiple design iterations that we presented directly to the owner of Fibersphere. All photos were taken by our team, and I was asked to create custom combined symbols based on easily understood pictograms.



Finished website pages and photography